03 Jun 2014

Missing a community? Join The Crowd for a day

It can be lonely and uninspiring working by yourself (heck even with the same people!) every day…

We’ve prepared a highly technical set of scenarios for you to self-assess if you are indeed suffering from ‘lack of community and inspiration’. If any of the following feel a little too ‘close to home’ for you – it’s probably time you put some pants on and joined us in our Newtown office:

  • Two Jehovah’s Witnesses knock on your door – after 45 minutes of you talking through your latest instructional strategy, one feigns a stroke while the other ‘mock dials’ 000.
  • You sit Miriam down for a stern talking to for not keeping your online accounting system up to date, the bills are not getting paid! Miriam meows and coughs up a furball onto the instructional design you’ve been sketching out for the last three hours.
  • You attend a dinner party and when someone asks what you do – you scream ‘Online Learning OK?!’ and then rush off to the loos to spend the rest of the evening there.
  • Your boss walks up to your desk, she moves the pile of online learning requests to the side so she can see you and says, I know you said you need two weeks to complete this new module – but how does one week sound?
  • You sit at your desk staring at your computer screen. The cursor blinks boldly at you, standing out against a glowing white screen. The ideas will come, you know the ideas will come. It’s just that you’ve now been sitting there for 8 hours and Maureen the cleaning lady can’t help – she just wants you to move your feet so she can vacuum.
  • Providing Support and Direction.

It may be that you need a little company every now and then (you’ve got plenty of time in the future to scare kids off your porch with a broom), or just brush up on your social skills, maybe you’ve got a pitch to deliver to your boss next week and just need someone to boost your confidence (we’ll get the pom poms and/or the Sangiovese ready).


Come in and spend some time with The Crowd – as little or as often as you like.

For 30 bucks a day you get:

  • A nosy instructional designer or two hanging over your shoulder being overly helpful. It’s really just about working alongside others to help grow your ideas – if you’re stuck, brainstorm it out with us, if you have an idea but you’re not sure how to get started, run it by us – we have a whiteboard perfect for idea mapping (at the moment we only use it to remind us to replenish the Iced Vovos).  
  • A desk It has four legs and a beautiful timber top and depending on your height, you might even be able to fit your knees under it.
  • A chair This baby is ergonomic, can adjust to anything except awkward situations – and there will be plenty of those.
  • Wifi Because how else are you going to watch cat videos?
  • Apple keyboard, LG monitor and a crap load of dongles Hey we’re technology agnostic – and while I personally love PC, have you actually used an apple keyboard? Seriously I think it moisturisers my fingertips while I type.
  • A modern space with air-conditioning and a fridge with beers and cider Because making a difference can be sweaty and thirsty work.
  • Delicious coffee only an elevator ride away Warning! Cafe doesn’t use Bonsoy! I know! Look, they’re nice people, try to look past it.
  • A comfortable sitting area with genuine retro couch Sure you’ll never have time to sit on it, but the cushion has a badger on it – so, there’s that.
  • Music What is a creative environment without being able to wirelessly connect to an awesome Marshall speaker – we might even let you choose a song or two.
  • Locker Don’t go leaving your stuff everywhere! While you’re here pop your stuff in a secure locker – ok fine, all the keys are the same so we may go through your stuff when you visit the loo.
  • All the sodastream sparkling water you can drink Because water without bubbles represents everything that is bland that we are fighting against. (Sigh, you can have water without bubbles if you want, we just reserve the right to ask ‘why?’ every time you go to rehydrate yourself.)

We’re really keen to help out other instructional designers and online learning professionals. Broaden your horizons and get in contact with us.