What We Do

We make our customers’ lives easier. We solve problems and transform ideas into great learning experiences that pack a punch.

The ‘ID’ in The ID Crowd stands for Instructional Design. OK, we get it – that still might not mean a lot, so think of it this way; we’re the interpreter between your content gurus and your audience! We work alongside you to design human-centred solutions that meet the needs of your learners and your business.

We don’t work alone: 
  • We work with your organisation in true thought partnership, to understand a challenge from your perspective and creatively solve it with your guidance and input.
  • We work with your learners, getting to know the people we are designing for and keeping them in the loop to drive more impactful learning experiences.
  • We work with internal teams, enabling them to be self-sufficient and reduce ongoing reliance on external providers.
  • We work with our talented friends and development partners to deliver the full learning experience. We’ve found the best people in graphic design, animation, video, podcasts, development, LMS implementation – with so many friends, we can always find the right person to bring new learning ideas to life.
This is how we do it: 

We’re as much about the process as the output – and we’ve got some pretty strong soapbox-worthy beliefs that underpin our approach to working with our clients.

We put the learner first.
Impactful learning is created when we understand our learners to solve the real problems they’re experiencing. This informs each of our designs, and we love working side-by-side with learners through the process – even if that means slipping on a headset or a high-vis vest.
We listen.
We love getting to know our clients! We want to know about your organisation, your people, and your business needs. When we start with some serious listening, we end up with a more meaningful outcome – and a great experience for everyone (we also love to see pictures of your cat/dog/baby/bathroom renovations (before AND after please).
We love learning.
This isn’t our work life, it’s our life’s work. Each new project gives us an opportunity to become a bit of a subject matter expert, and that’s what we love (and we’re a HIT at dinner parties). We know that if we don’t understand it, we can’t create the best possible output for you.
We tell the truth - even when it means saying ‘no’.
You hire us for a reason, right? Sometimes we may challenge your thinking (in the most diplomatic way), but we always work with you to find a solution that works.
We're there for you.
Even if you don’t need us for a full project, we’re happy to share our knowledge and help you come up with creative solutions to learning problems – whether it’s just a chat, or a day or two of consulting.
We're big on sharing.
We want to see a world filled with great learning experiences – but we can’t do it alone. That’s why we see every project as an opportunity to help our clients grow. We’ll share our knowledge, strategies, and source files, so you can become more self-sufficient… but we’ll never be far away if you need us again!
Musings from the Crowd: 

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About Us

The ID Crowd is a collective of creative problem-solvers.

As a team of dedicated learning designers (IDs), we join forces with others to leverage our combined skills – forming the perfect dream team for your learning project. We bring decades of learning design experience to solve your real-world business problems through education. To us, it’s simple – if you want something new, you have to stop doing something old. We take the adult learning principles of the past and shine a new light on them, forging a path towards the future of learning – towards simplicity, towards sustainability, towards autonomy.

At The ID Crowd, our methodology is to:


Anyone can put words on a page, but to make those words meaningful we need to ask ‘why’. 

‘Why’ breaks through the surface and reveals real needs.

A simple ‘why’ has the ability to move your people, to shift behaviours and to break through to understanding.


Learning should be part of your world, not just borrowed from it.

When learning experiences are designed, rather than ‘made’, they connect your people, your environment, your culture.

This creates a conduit for learning transfer.


Learning has no ‘off switch’. It is formal, informal and continuous – whether we intervene or not.

Together, we identify what already exists and design for the learning gaps we discover.

We focus on practice and support to build the confidence of learners -enabling them to be their very best.


Learning is rarely a single event – it needs to ‘sink in’ over time.

Remember our school days? We all learned at different speeds.

We support you so that you can support your learners, letting them reach their full potential.


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